Drive A Speed Boat Yourself In Vienna

Who doesn't dream about being in control of a powerful speed boat for once? We make it possible. And the best thing about it: no license required!

After getting a quick introduction (ca. 20 minutes) to the technical basics and the most important traffic regulations on the water you're ready to go. Accompanied by an experienced coach you will handle the boat with ease.

You can freely choose wherever you want to go and select a route leading you anywhere along Vienna's section of the Danube between the two boat locks of Greifenstein and Freudenau.

The 6.0 liter V8 engine with 420 HP does not only guarantee an unforgettable driving pleasure but will also make the time go by fast.
But that's not a problem - Your driving time is guaranteed to be 30 minutes or more to enjoy your fast trip around Vienna.

Of course it's also possible to share the rental time and the drive with your friends.

This service can also be booked as a gift voucher.

Season: April-October
Dates: Monday-Sunday (including holidays) from 8 AM to 9 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring guests on the boat?

Yes, as the booking is per boat (not per person), you can of course bring some guests on board with you. To ensure maximum comfort, we recommend max. 6 guests. Of course a larger group is possible as well, please just make sure to let us know about it on the booking so we'll have everything set for you. If desired we can include the whole group in the technical introduction, so that the guests can take the captain's seat as well (only the minimum age of 16 yeas is required by all participants that want to take over the steering wheel).

Is there an age limit for the driver?

All participants that want to take over the captain's seat must be 16 years or older, besides that there are no further requirements (such as any having any kind of license). For guests on board there is no age limit.

Will guests on the boat get seasick?

Of course questions like these that are related to individuals can never have a general answer of course, but getting seasick on a speedboat as we use it is very rare. Even people who might get seasick easily usually don't have a problem on our boats, as these do not have the side-to-side rolling motion known from large ships due to most of the motion working in the longitudinal direction here. The feeling as a passenger is actually closer to a car.

Duration Price
1 round € 299,-
Driving time extension per 10 minutes € 50,-
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